Staff Reporter

NEW DELHI: A 31-year-old man has been arrested on charges of murdering his uncle during a robbery at Moti Nagar here.

Surender Singh (55), who ran a jewellery shop from his house in Moti Nagar, was found stabbed to death in his bedroom on March 27 morning.

The murder came to light when Surender did not open his shop till late in the morning. At this his nephew Inder Singh grew suspicious and went inside the house along with some neighbours to enquire on him. They found Surender lying dead in a pool of blood. Jewellery and Rs.10 lakh in cash were also found missing.

The deceased's wife and son were away to Himachal Pradesh at the time of incident.

On their return, the family cast suspicion on Inder and his brother Deepak. The police found that Deepak was missing since the murder came to light and raids were mounted at his hideouts in Delhi and Punjab.

He was arrested at Prashant Vihar on Monday following a tip-off and purportedly confessed to having murdered his uncle during robbery.

More than Rs.13 lakh in cash and jewellery worth Rs.1.5 lakh were allegedly seized at his instance. A second-hand car bought from the robbed cash and jewellery was also seized.

During interrogation, Deepak purportedly told the police that he had come under heavy debt after his marriage due to extravagant lifestyle and was under pressure from the lenders to return their money. He also bore a grudge against his uncle Surender who allegedly had an evil eye on his mother after the death of his father.

When he learnt that his aunt and cousin were going to Shimla on a vacation, he decided to take revenge on his uncle and also make some easy money.

As per the plan, he entered the house of his uncle by scaling the rear wall in the early hours of March 27 and allegedly stabbed him. He then took away the cash and jewellery.

He paid the debt and left Delhi. He had plans to settle outside Delhi and bought a house in Ludhiana from the robbed cash and jewellery, the police said.