It is far more than just a self-defence system. And now "Krav Maga", which is popular among Israel's elite forces and is practised in 45 countries across the world, is making a foray into the Capital through a seminar on "Safety and Krav Maga" at India International Centre this coming Saturday.

With branches in 31 countries across Europe, Asia and North America, Krav Maga involves instinctive movement, practical training and realistic training scenario.

Interestingly, some of the practitioners of Krav Maga include celebrated Hollywood personalities like singer-cum-actress Jennifer Lopez and Hollywood's leading actress Angelina Jolie. Also the world's elite military, para-military and law enforcement units undergo training in this self-defence system, that is all about mental and physical fitness which is so important in today's hectic and fast-paced lifestyle.

Commander Avi Moyal, senior instructor at the International Krav Maga Federation, along with its India Director and Chief Instructor Vicky Kapoor is working towards development of this self-defence system in India. One of the four leading Krav Maga authorities in the world, Avi Moyal has experience in instructing civilians, army personnel and security organisations worldwide.

On April 22 there will be presentations on "Psychological, Legal and Social Aspects of Self-Defence" by the Director of Saarthak and psychiatrist at Apollo Hospitals, Achal Bhagat, and senior Supreme Court lawyer and women's rights activist Aparna Bhat.