A constable in Tilak Nagar here helped catch a burglar who had learnt the trick of escaping after a heist from a Hindi movie.

The police received a call on Wednesday saying that some burglars had stolen two cash chests containing about Rs.8,000 from Gurdwara Guru Nanak Satsang in Sham Nagar. When the police reached the spot, the cash chests were found lying on the terrace of the gurdwara and the cash missing.

During investigation, the police found exit doors of the gurdwara unbolted probably by the burglar to escape in case of contingency.

Beat constable Naresh, who had also come to the spot, told the other police personnel that he had long ago seen a Hindi movie in which the hero was a burglar and he used to create an escape route before breaking-in. The constable felt that the burglar might have been inspired by the movie. The constable told his seniors that the burglar in the movie used to identify a place inside the house to hide himself and walk out only after the situation had diffused.

The police team along with those present in the gurdwara searched the premises but did not find anyone. Not satisfied, the constable again searched the premises and found a man hiding under heaps of sacks in a generator room.

He was later identified as Manjeet Singh, a resident of Sham Nagar, and the stolen cash, a clock were allegedly seized from him. He purportedly told the police that he had taken inspiration from Hindi movie “Jugnu” and used the same modus operandi to commit burglary.