New Delhi: A group of prominent people on Saturday launched an initiative against a caste-based census and urged people to mention “Hindustani” (Indian) as their caste. Naming the movement “Meri Jaati Hindustani” (My Caste is Indian), the group also decided to set up a committee to turn their initiative into a mass movement.

Amid demands for a caste-based census from a section of political parties, this was the consensus arrived at a symposium on caste-based Census attended by prominent people including former Union Minister for Civil Aviation Arif Mohammad Khan.

The movement is aimed at motivating people to write “Indian” as their caste in the census form.

“Even if only four to five crore people write their caste as Indian or whatever they call it in their mother tongue, this will be a huge success and will help more and more citizens to follow the suit,” Mr. Khan said. He said that the people who believe that their caste is “Indian” are not less but they are “unorganised” and not “instituted”: “The movement will bring in those people to motivate others.”

The demand for a caste-based census is a conspiracy to divide the country, alleged those in the symposium.- PTI