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No action against accused officials , alleges complainant

NEW DELHI: The Anti-Corruption Branch of the Delhi Government that arrested a former Social Welfare Department Joint Director and two superintendents of children’s homes on Friday for allegedly helping a supplier bag tenders for a cooperative agency through fraudulent means suspect that the scam is worth several crores and involves more officials.

Investigations so far have indicated that the accused had committed fraud worth about Rs.20 crore in the past four years, which pertains to nine of the two-dozen institutions. “It will take several investigating officers to probe into all the aspects of the scam. The agency should take up the cases of all the institutions for a period of 10 years to identify all those involved in the scam. That would also reveal the amount of money swindled by the corrupt officials and other beneficiaries,” said Raaj Mangal Prasad of Pratidhi, a complainant in the case. Mr. Prasad said corruption of this level could not have continued for so long without the patronage of senior officials. The Anti-Corruption Branch also found that no action was being taken against the accused officials despite repeated complaints. The allegations were not even being investigated properly, said an official, raising questions over the role of vigilance units of the respective offices.

“They have committed all kinds of fraud from forging quotations to not even supplying any material to institutions. In the case of a beggar home at Tahirpur, they showed 800 inmates instead of the real figure of around 300, which was revealed during a surprise check by their own district officer. On a day-to-day basis, one can imagine how much money would have been swindled on the pretext of purchasing various articles,” said Mr. Prasad, accusing those involved of stealing even from people who were from the most deprived sections of society.

In the past three consecutive years, the officials had been buying materials worth Rs.2 crore for the Tahirpur beggar home every year, alleged Mr. Prasad.