Special Correspondent

NEW DELHI: The Rs. 200 crore modern streetlights installed on 424 kms of roads across Delhi will be maintained by eight mobile maintenance vans and four “tower dragons”.

Identifying faults

These vans would have a computerised management system which will automatically identify the fault in the streetlights. They will operate in all the three zones of the Public Works Department, which has installed these lights.

Delhi PWD Minister Raj Kumar Chauhan inspected these mobile maintenance vans and tower dragons on Friday. He said this modern equipment would assist in proper maintenance of the newly installed streetlights.

The Minister said the PWD had arranged the mobile vans for efficient maintenance of these streetlights and their prompt repair. The vans would be connected to the control rooms of each zone through the Global Positioning System. This would help in speedy redress of faults as the maintenance staff would be able to rush to repair the streetlights as soon as the information of any fault is reported by the control room. A server would also be installed for these street lights.

The need to make the streetlights high-tech was felt as their operation is much needed during the nights and there was no mechanism so far to identify the faults in them. The computer management system will keep a watch on the streetlights installed on the roads in the PWD areas and would automatically point out a fault to the control room.


The mobile phones of the maintenance staff will be connected with the server, which will even point out the exact pole on which the light is not working. The streetlights over every one kilometre would be operated through a “feeder pillar” and this would be connected to the computer network.

The Minister informed that the maintenance vans would be hired by the private electricity companies on a five-year contract basis and there will be no extra payment for this.