Expected to be brought for approval by the Delhi Cabinet next week

A revised proposal to increase the salaries of all MLAs is expected to be brought before the Delhi Cabinet next week for its approval.

Sources in the Delhi Government said since the earlier proposal had been shot down by the Union Home Ministry as the salaries and perks sought were considered too high, the revised proposal has tried to make the demands appear more justified.

Though the Home Ministry had also stated that Delhi's demand for another hike in MLAs' salaries could only be taken up in 2012, once five years have passed since the last hike of 2007, the new proposal is being sent in view of the rising cost of living.

The source said the proposal to hike the salary for MLAs in Delhi has been hanging fire for a long time. “Earlier a Salary Committee was constituted under Finance Minister A. K. Walia and it had made some recommendations which were not adopted by the Centre, to which the file is sent. A new committee has also made its recommendations in the matter. In other States, the issue of salaries is with the States and so Delhi MLAs are among the most poorly paid in the country. With the Budget Session coming up, the issue is once again gaining currency.”

While last time round a 200 to 300 per cent hike had been demanded, this time the basic salary is proposed to be increased from Rs.6,000 to Rs.20,000 for MLAs, from Rs.10,000 to Rs.25,000 for Ministers and Rs.30,000 for the Chief Minister.

The proposal also does away with the demand for interest-free vehicle loan and payment of expenses for petrol. However, it seeks 2,000 units of free power per month and 10,000 kilolitres of free water along with 20 air and rail travels per year each for the legislators.

Besides, the house rent allowance sought now is Rs.25,000 per month as against Rs.10,000 earlier. An office allowance of Rs.25,000 per month has also been proposed.

With the demand for travel allowance going up to Rs.10,000 from Rs.4,000 per month at present and stationery allowance of Rs.5,000 from Rs.1,000 at the moment, the MLAs would stand to gain substantially.

In all, their monthly package would go up to Rs.70,000 from Rs.32,000 per month while the Ministers would get Rs.95,000 instead of Rs.36,000 per month at present.

  • Earlier proposal shot down by Union Home Ministry because of high salaries, perks sought
  • Plea being re-sent in view of rising cost of living