New zonal plan shows 900-year-old village as govt. owned land; residents call for change

For the past five years, residents of Mahipalpur village here have been frantically seeking changes to the city’s zonal plan, which has almost obliterated their village by showing the area as government land. The city’s land owning agency, the Delhi Development Authority, which is also responsible for drafting the zonal and master plans, has now asked the villagers to furnish proof that the village exists.

Villagers claim that the zonal plan drafted in 2008 by the Delhi Development Authority has erroneously shown the over 900-year-old village as government-owned land. “In one single move, the identity and existence of the whole village, which dates back 900 years, has been wiped out. Ever since we found out about the error in the zonal plan, we have been requesting the authorities to make amends. The village with 14,000 registered voters and a population of over 50,000 has not even been included in the list of urban villages in Delhi,” said Sheel Kumar, a resident and a member of theMahipalpur Gram Seva Samiti.

The villagers on Wednesday met DDA Vice-Chairman D. Diptivilasa and urged him to order an inquiry and make the necessary changes. “We don’t know what led to the designation of the whole village as government land, whether it was a simple printing error or incorrect assessment, but the DDA V-C has asked us to bring documentary evidence to back our claims. We have Tehsil documents dating back a long time and hopefully this error will be resolved,” said Mr. Kumar.