Panel to submit report on Friday's disruption on CST-HUDA City Centre section

It took 200 men and numerous hours to restore the Metro service on the Central Secretariat – HUDA City Centre section that was disrupted on Friday evening. Service along the busy route was resumed at 6 a.m. on Saturday as per schedule.

At about 7 p.m. on Friday, Metro services on the section came to a halt after damage to the Over Head Electrification (OHE) system. A day after the incident, that left thousands of passengers stranded, the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation has constituted a high-level committee to submit its report on the incident.

“The Managing Director, E. Sreedharan, has appointed a high-level committee headed by the Executive Director (Electrical), to go into the details regarding the cause of the incident and suggest remedial measures to prevent such incidents in the future,” said a DMRC spokesperson.

Referring to the restoration work that was carried out through the night on Friday, the spokesperson said: “A team of more than 200 engineers and technicians worked the whole night till the early morning hours on Saturday to ensure the smooth resumption of Metro services on line 2 (Central Secretariat – HUDA City Centre).” While over 150 officials from the electrical and maintenance wings worked on the timely restoration of the damaged portion of the OHE system, another 50 officials worked at the Khyber Pass and Sultanpur Metro Maintenance depots to repair the damaged pantograph of some trains.

These teams of engineers and technicians worked overnight to repair the damaged portion of the OHE and the pantographs of the trains. “Throughout the night, maintenance engineers patrolled through the underground and elevated sections from Central Secretariat to HUDA City Centre on foot to check the damages to OHE system,” the spokesperson said.

The damage to the OHE wires, from which the trains derive power, took place on the neutral section near Udyog Bhawan (an area where the power supply switches from one source to another) and affected the pantograph of some more trains which in turn affected the OHE lines further on towards Gurgaon.

“The services have been smooth through the day and there were no disruptions, but we are keeping a watch on the movement of all trains and as a precautionary measure have also decided to restrict the train speed to about 30 km per hour between CTST and Udyog Bhavan,” the spokesperson said.

Trial runs were conducted on the stretch at 5 a.m. and regular services were resumed an hour later.

On Friday night, the DMRC ran four trains between CTST and HUDA City Centre after 11 p.m. to clear the rush of people stranded at various stations along the line. “In addition, 23 buses from the Delhi Transport Corporation (DTC) were also running from Central Secretariat to HUDA City Centre. In total 7,000 people were cleared from the Central Secretariat Metro Station by these services,” the spokesperson said.

  • Services came to halt on Friday evening after damage to Over Head Electrification system
  • Engineers patrol overnight through sections; Saturday Metro schedule remains unchanged