Max Healthcare has launched a specialised emergency service to help needy patients with ambulances within a maximum of 30 minutes of receiving a call. People can dial the emergency number 011-40554055 to avail of the service, for which the charges are Rs.1,000 per incident.

Speaking about the initiative, Max Healthcare clinical director Dr. Anurag Krishna said: “Presently in India, there is a shortage of emergency medical services and with increasing incidents of trauma, cardiac issues, stroke and other medical emergencies, there is a strong need for a medical emergency response system in Delhi-National Capital Region. In an emergency, every minute counts. Life can be saved if medical help/treatment is provided at the earliest. Which is why, Max has launched this service across Delhi and NCR.”

He further added: “When a call is received, the closest ambulance is activated to reach the patient within 30 minutes maximum. The emergency service is designed to be able to provide on-the-spot treatment if required, or start treatment of patient en route hospital.”

According to the doctors, with this initiative, a uniform system of emergency care has been developed in all group hospitals at Saket, Panchsheel Park, Shalimar Bagh, Pitampura, Gurgaon, Noida and Patparganj. “The objective of this initiative is to create a quality emergency care system that is available across the city. The system has several unique and innovative features like an easy-to-remember emergency access number, ambulances that are well equipped, manned by trained personnel and placed at strategic points across the city. There is an effective communication system between the ambulances and the emergency facilities across all Max Healthcare Hospitals,” said Dr. Krishna.

Recently the Comptroller and Auditor General of India had noted in its report that in Delhi hundreds of lives are lost each year in road accidents, often because patients are not transported to hospitals in time.