`Prove or withdraw offending scenes'

New Delhi: The legendry freedom fighter Mangal Pandey was never married and the onus of proving that he had married a prostitute now rested with the film's producer and director, it was argued in the Delhi High Court on Monday.

Resuming arguments on the controversial Aamir Khan starrer film `Mangal Pandey -- The Rising', counsel for the petitioners alleged the film had portrayed the martyr in a demeaning manner by introducing scenes to suggest that he had married a prostitute called `Heera'.

Raghunath Pandey and others claiming to be the `descendants' of the martyr had filed a petition in the High Court alleging that scenes introduced in the movie tended to project Mangal Pandey in a very bad light. It was contended that there was no historical evidence to suggest that Mangal Pandey was married or had any intimacy with the said prostitute.

If the film's producer had evidence to prove that he was married then the same must be produced in the court, or the offending scenes be withdrawn, the counsel urged.

It was alleged that the scenes involving the so-called marriage was deliberately interpolated in the story to generate commercial value for the film.

Moreover, the late freedom fighter never took alcohol but the film projected him as a drunkard, he complained.

Justice A.K. Sikri, who heard the arguments, granted further time on Tuesday to the counsel for continuing with the same. -- PTI