A public relations agency employee was allegedly robbed and his female colleagues molested by two young men riding a motorcycle on Lodhi Road here on Saturday.

Thirty-year-old Anuj Kumar Boruah, an associate director at Le Communiqué Consultancy, was on his way to Mandi House from Jangpura Extension along with his colleagues Neha, Mariya, Santosh and Rizwan in a car when two young men on a motorcycle waylaid them and forced them to stop.

“They were trailing us for long hurling abuses and passing comments at Neha and Mariya. The two tried to open the doors of the car after they waylaid us, but the doors were locked. When I got off the car and confronted them, they punched me and took off my wedding ring. At this, my colleagues in the car also came out and offered resistance. One of the duo then got a iron rod from somewhere and tried to attack us. At this, we all got into the car hurriedly and sped away,” said Mr. Boruah.

One of Mr. Boruah’s colleagues then made a call to the Police Control Room. “We told the Police Control Room that we will reach Mandi House in a couple of minutes.

On reaching Mandi House, we got three-four calls from the control room and three policemen came to us. We also got a call from the Nizamuddin police station,” said Mr. Boruah.