A leopard on the prowl was trapped between barbed wires on the boundary wall of a farmhouse at Chhattarpur here for several hours in the early hours of Tuesday.

According to the police, the matter was reported at one of the Ansal Satbari farmhouses.

“Around 2 a.m., a security guard working in a nearby farmhouse spotted the distressed predator struggling to free itself. He then raised an alarm and informed the staff of that farmhouse,” said a police officer.

The officer added that after receiving a call, the police reached the location along with some Forest Department officials and rescued the animal. The leopard was trapped there for almost three hours.

It appeared as if the animal had tried to enter the farmhouse and got caught between the wires in its attempt to scale the wall, said the police.

The police suspect that the leopard could have strayed from the adjoining forests. The animal is being treated for its injuries.