Parul Sharma

AISF candidate pushed to second spot by 11 votes

Failed to make use of absence of main contestants from NSUI, ABVP

NEW DELHI: Apart from the All India Students’ Federation, the students’ wing of the Communist Party of India that gave a tough fight for the Delhi University Students’ Union president’s post, the other Left-leaning outfits failed to win any post in the central panel of DUSU.

Bajinder Singh of the AISF was pushed to the second spot by a mere 11 votes.

After the disqualification of some of the main candidates from the National Students’ Union of India and the Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad, it was felt that the Left-wing students’ outfits were in a “very comfortable” position. However, it seems they failed to capitalise on the absence of the contestants from the two big organisations.

“It would be wrong to say we did not do well. Our candidate for the president’s post got 3,813 votes. Our total vote share has increased since last year. However, the DU campus is not completely devoid of politics of money and muscle power,” said Ashish Bharadwaj of the All India Students’ Association.

“We could not cover all 50 colleges and departments. Besides, the ABVP was openly supporting Manoj Choudhary for the president’s post. It had put all its organisational strength behind him. I still feel we made a good beginning and we will be able to make the DUSU polls completely issue-oriented in times to come,” he added.

Robert Rahman Raman, Delhi State president of the Students’ Federation of India, admitted that in a way a “rare opportunity” had been missed this time round.

“The days of campaigning were very limited. We could not reach out to every college. Had we got some more days, we could have probably put together a better campaign. At the same time, the NSUI and the ABVP were not totally inactive,” he pointed out.

The last time an AISF candidate won any office-bearer’s post was in 1978.