Targeting policemen appears to be a new modus operandi of Pakistan-based Lashkar-e-Taiba terror outfit as has been found during the investigation into the killing of a constable.

Constable Sajad Ahmad Parray of 19th India Reserve Battalion was shot dead from close range at Tailbal Bus stand after Friday prayers.

An investigation into the case led the sleuths to a person who was being passed diktats by Furkan, Lashkar's key operative from across the border, official sources said on Sunday.


Muzzafar Mir, a resident of Wangat in Kangan, was arrested on late Saturday night after a watch by central security agencies and policemen on his activities.

Mir, a 10th class drop out, had been interacting with Furkan and taking orders from him, they said,

According to his interrogation report, Lashkar has revived its operation “Target Policemen” and the killing of Parray was as per this plan, the sources said.

The terror outfit had started targeting policeman in 2008 with sniper attacks but had shelved the operation after a module was busted.

According to the investigation in the present case, the sources said the pistol with which the constable was shot had been recovered.

During interrogation, the sources claimed Mir told them about the design of Lashkar to target policeman.

According to the sources, Mir said that Lashkar wanted to target policemen in civilian areas after ensuring that there was no backup for the cops, which would also allow the attackers to make an easy escape. - PTI