The efforts of a 35-year-old man to allegedly solicit sexual favours from a 17-year-old boy proved costly as the juvenile murdered him and made off with his mobile and cash, the police said on Thursday.

The incident took place at a DDA Park near Adilabad Fort in Tuglakabad in September this year, but the accused was apprehended on Wednesday.

Earlier on September 24, the South-East District Police had recovered the body of one Guddu, a driver by profession.

“The head was smashed with a stone which was also found nearby. His body was found facing the ground while his trousers and underwear were down till his knees. No mobile phone or any other belongings were found in his possession,” said Deputy Commissioner of Police (South-East) P. Karunakaran.

During the initial stages of the probe, the case was being investigated as one of robbery and the police suspected that it was linked to other cases of stabbing reported from and around the forest area of the Fort Adilabad.

GPS locations

Mr. Karunakaran added that keeping in mind the deceased’s background, people from the nearby locality were interrogated besides some 1,000 drivers of various taxi stands. The GPS locations of the vehicles they drove at the possible time of incident were also analysed.

“During the course of investigations, we narrowed down on a juvenile who frequented the area and was suspected to be of dubious character. We found that earlier he used to be seen in the area near the spot regularly but from the day of the incident he went missing. We apprehended him on Wednesday,” he said.

During interrogation, the minor purportedly revealed that he and Guddu used to meet in a bus plying on Route No. 544 from Karol Bagh to Khanpur.

“Guddu made sexual advances towards the juvenile and both of them struck a deal. They exchanged their personal details and also their desire. The juvenile also got lured by the new mobile phone of the deceased and with further belief that the deceased might be having a good sum of money. Being aware of the topography of Adilabad forests, the juvenile led Guddu to the park. There he hit Guddu on his head repeatedly by a stone found nearby. As the deceased became unconscious, the juvenile took his mobile phone and Rs. 50 cash,” said Mr. Karunakaran.