The dispute over sharing the Cauvery water can be resolved if Karnataka and Tamil Nadu explore scientific, cost-effective ways of using seawater, according to former Supreme Court Judge and Chairman of the Press Council of India Markandey Katju said on Tuesday. During an interaction with the students of SDM Law College here, he said that judgments would not provide a solution to the issue.

“If more water is given to Tamil Nadu, you will shout and scream. If more water is allocated to Karnataka, Tamil Nadu will shout and scream. Please try to understand that there is a whole sea on your coast that is the Arabian Sea. There is a whole sea on the coast of Tamil Nadu that is the Bay of Bengal. There is unlimited amount of water.”

Mr. Justice Katju said that research should be done on converting salt water into fresh water. Reverse osmosis and other methods presently employed were very expensive. “A poor country like ours cannot afford. We have to find out cheaper ways of converting salt water into fresh water.”

Expressing his reservations over the Jan Lok Pal Bill, Mr. Justice Katju said that the Bill as proposed by Anna Hazare would actually increase corruption. It would cover more than two crore employees against whom there would be lakhs of complaints. Two lakh Lokpals would be needed to hear them. People should not be emotional but should think rationally and deeply about the Bill, he said.