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Teething troubles have been subsiding on their own

Trains operated without any "detention'' on Tuesday since problems pertaining to closing of door were taken care ofThe DMRC is also hoping that the problem of theft of tokens would get over soon.

NEW DELHI: With regular commuters far outnumbering joyride seekers, the operations of Delhi Metro trains on the newly opened Barakhamba-Dwarka Line III somewhat stabilised on Tuesday and the trains operated without any "detention'' since the problems pertaining to closing of door were taken care of. Also,

Delhi Metro Rail Corporation reported record revenues of Rs 69 lakhs on Monday, when about 4.5 lakh commuters travelled by the system on the first working day of the New Year.

As the novelty factor has been wearing thin quickly on the new line, which is the longest on the Delhi Metro network and passes through some of the most congested and commercially important areas of the Capital, the teething troubles have been subsiding on their own. "Whenever a new section opens, we normally do encounter problems pertaining to closing of doors and stolen tokens, but over a period of time, things settle down,'' said the DMRC spokesperson, Anuj Dayal.

In this case too, he said, the operations had already become normal to a very large extent. This is primarily due to the fact that office-goers, shopkeepers, students and genuine travellers have now taken to the system. While on the weekend, there was a huge rush of revellers, many of whom were acquainting themselves with the system for the first time or were just too excited as the Metro had literally come to their doors, the change in passenger profile is quite evident from the collections from fares.

On Sunday when 4.92 lakh people had taken the New Year ride on the Metro, of which 2.30 lakh had travelled on Line III, the collections amounted to Rs. 66 lakhs.

But on Monday while the ridership was significantly less at about 4.50 lakhs, the cash registers swelled by Rs. 69 lakhs as most of the passengers were long distance travellers and not just people walking out of their houses, taking a small joyride and returning home.

The Delhi Metro is also hoping that the problem of theft of tokens would get over soon. It is advising people to buy the tokens as souvenirs for Rs. 4 instead of simply carting them away.

Since about 12,000 tokens had been stolen in the first two days of operations, the Corporation has also reminded that theft of a token can invite a fine of Rs. 200.