Discom plans to write to Delhi Police to seek assistance

The BSES-Yamuna Power Limited has noted that illegal jeans factories running in Krishna Nagar in East Delhi are not only engaged in theft of power but were areso in misuse of ground water and causing pollution.

In a statement, the discom said, “Illegal jeans factories in East Delhi's Krishna Nagar area are causing loss of crores in revenue to the Sales Tax and Excise Departments.”

Further, it said, these factories were involved in misuse of ground water and causing pollution.

The discom said using the latest analytical techniques it has determined that five sub-stations in the area supply 7,000 kilo Watts of electricity, but only 2,000 kW gets billed, which means “a whopping 5,000 kW gets stolen”.

Considering these “gross violations”, the BYPL has decided to write to the Delhi Police, Excise, Sales Tax and Environment Departments, appealing for assistance, the company spokesperson said.

“These illegal factories are stealing electricity to the tune of 5,000 kW per month, causing a loss of Rs. 2 crore per month to the BYPL. This is also leading to tripping in the area, causing inconvenience to the area residents,” said the spokesperson.

BYPL enforcement teams have tried to raid these illegal factories in the past, but have either been stopped from entering the premises or manhandled.

“Most of these are illegal and have no electricity connection, or have taken a 1 kW domestic connection and are stealing power by hooking from the BSES lines,” said the spokesperson.

The factories in the area are reportedly doing a business of Rs. 3 crore per year.