The Delhi Jal Board has revised the procedure for allotting work to contractors. After doing away with the “experience” clause and allowing engineering graduates fresh from college to apply for works, the Board has streamlined the process further.

Contractors will now be put on probation for two years and will have to pay a deposit to the Jal Board before they start work. “This will ensure that the quality of work is not compromised. We will get the contractors to deposit Rs. 50,000 with us for the duration of the probation. If they finish the work as per the laid down rules they get to reclaim their money or else for poor performance the deposit will be forfeited,” said a senior official of the Board.

The Board has recently taken the decision to allow engineering graduates fresh from college to apply for various contract works. “The idea is to allow competition as well as give opportunity to the youngsters to perform. The precondition of ‘experience' had made it difficult for the freshers to apply and allowed monopoly by the empanelled contractors,” the official said.

Engineering graduates from the fields of electrical, mechanical and civil engineering with more than 50 per cent marks will be allowed to bid for contracts. These freshers will be allowed to bid for work up to Rs. 2 lakh.

The Board of the water utility has also cleared way for Tata Consultancy Services to revamp the revenue management project. “A memorandum of understanding has been signed with the TCS for undertaking the revenue management project for a period of seven years. Its is a Rs.53 crore project and should be ready for execution by August,” the official said

The Board is keen to start online payment of bills and streamline its revenue collection system. “We are working out the details of using hand held devices to take down meter reading and generate on-the-spot bills for consumers,” the official explained.