To strengthen cultural ties between India and China and create better understanding about the neighbouring country, a six-day film festival of Chinese films opens at Siri Fort here on June 18.

A wide genre of films like period dramas, action, adventure and contemporary movies will be screened at the festival organised jointly by the Indo-China Economic and Cultural Council and the State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television, People’s Republic of China.

The Chinese delegation is giving special significance to the “China Film Festival-2013” and it has deputed internationally acclaimed martial arts actor Jackie Chan as the leading member.

Jackie, who was instrumental in taking Bollywood actor Mallika Sherawat in his hugely popular film The Myth , and also enjoyed filming in southern India, will undoubtedly be the star attraction at the festival.

The actor is interested in popularising Chinese films of different genres in the host country. Some Bollywood films, particularly those featuring Aamir Khan, like 3 Idiots , have already created a rage in the neighbouring country and Chinese action films particularly of late Chinese-American actor Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan have been immensely popular here.

This festival will also screen films which transport the audience into a world of fantasy like Oscar-winning Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon , he added.

Apart from Jackie Chan, the delegation will see the participation of other distinguished Chinese actors and important members of the Chinese film fraternity.

“China is emerging as the creative powerhouse. These films would not burn holes in the pockets of film enthusiasts and would give them a glimpse into contemporary China, how it was during the earlier era and other facets of the neighbouring country,” said the representative.

Movies to be screened include Jet Li’s Ocean Heaven which revolves around the life of a devoted father who works in an aquarium and takes care of his autistic son.

To send the message across, the actor took a break from his image of a martial arts expert and played a serious role.

To get a sense of what autistic children go through, he even interacted with some autistic children.

Other must watch films include The Grandmasters from Wong Kar-Wai.