Following upgradation and redevelopment work at Talkatora Stadium, the boxing venue for the Commonwealth Games held in the Capital last year, the New Delhi Municipal Council has proposed a revised set of rates for booking of the premises for sports tournaments and other functions.

The charges have been proposed on a per-day basis not only for use of the premises but also for air-conditioning, air-circulation without cooling and use of temporary lights among other things as additional charges instead of the hourly basis rates fixed by the Council since May 2006. The new rates would be tabled for approval at the next Council meeting on Friday.

The charges for the new additional facility block constructed for the Games would be finalised separately.

New rates

The rate for booking the hall for a sports tournament or function has been increased to Rs.15,000 per day compared to the previous rate of Rs.5,000 per day for eight hours. The rate for functions other than sports including non-commercial ones, including school annual days or political meetings, have increased from the Rs.20,000 per day for eight hours to Rs.50,000 per day while including political meetings in this category.

The rate for booking the hall for a commercial programme such as exhibition, fashion show, cultural programme, kavi sammelan, business seminar, annual general meeting and religious programmes has also been hiked from Rs.60,000 per day for eight hours to Rs.1,25,000 per day while including political meetings in this category as well.

An NDMC official said: “The Talkatora Stadium was being booked for both sports and non-sports related events by various agencies in the past prior to its upgradation and renovation. After the Commonwealth Games it is ready for use by the public again as per the new rates which would be effective soon after confirmation of the minutes of the Council meeting on Friday.”