December 16: A 23-year-old physiotherapy intern and her friend, on their way back from a movie, get into a bus at Munirka in South Delhi at 9.30 p.m. The woman is gang-raped by six men and brutally assaulted in the moving bus. Her friend is also beaten up and the two are thrown out of the bus. The victims are to taken to Safdarjung Hospital by the police.

December 17: Doctors conduct an emergency operation to stabilise the extensively injured girl. Her friend is discharged from Safdarjung Hospital after first aid.

December 18: The patient’s condition turns very critical.

December 19: A team of doctors operate on the victim to remove her intestine, which had turned gangrenous.

December 21: The victim’s statement is recorded before a Sub-Divisional Magistrate at Safdarjung Hospital.

December 25: Delhi Police records second statement of the victim in the presence of a Judicial Magistrate after the controversy about the first recorded statement. Later in the night, the patient suffers cardiac arrest and as a subsequent complication blood and oxygen supply to the brain is reduced causing injury to the brain. Accumulation of fluid in the brain and swelling is also detected.

December 26: The patient is flown out to Mount Elizabeth Hospital in Singapore.

December 28: Doctors at Singapore report extensive damage to the brain and organ failure. Patient put on maximum life support.

December 29: The woman dies at Mount Elizabeth Hospital because of her grievous injures and medical complications.