Rajasthan Agriculture Minister Harjiram Burdak has called for utilising horticulture for scaling up the growth rate of agriculture sector in the State to meet the challenges of climate change, depleting water resources, reducing sizes of farm fields and increase in population.

Addressing a workshop organised by the State Horticulture Development Society here, Mr. Burdak said the farmers should be apprised of scientific methods for getting a good crop yield by using less amount of water. “Horticulture is a fast-emerging field with an immense potential. It should be fully exploited,” he said.

Mr. Burdak asked the Horticulture Department officials to visit agricultural fields in remote areas and share with the farmers the techniques for improving soil productivity, utilising irrigation waters and protecting crops from pests and insects.

Principal Horticulture Secretary Dinesh Goyal said the department's schemes would be implemented with the emphasis on increasing farmers' income, while training programmes would be organised for them and literature in an easy language distributed.

Has immense potential: Minister