Haryana Chief Minister Bhupinder Singh Hooda on Monday emphatically supported the setting up of the National Counter Terrorism Centre (NCTC) to root out terrorism.

Speaking at the Conference of Chief Ministers on Internal Security in New Delhi, he also sought 100 per cent Central grant-in-aid under the Modernisation of Police Forces Scheme besides three more India Reserve Battalions and one mahila (women) battalion to beef up the police force in the State.

On the apprehension by some States that the NCTC would undermine their Constitutional powers, he said: “The intention is not to by-pass the States or to ignore them but to strike at the terrorists before they can strike us. Any suspicion in this regard can be addressed by way of well-defined standard operating procedures.”

Mooting a truly national offensive on terrorism, he said that the NCTC would work as an integrating organisation, responsible for collecting and analysing intelligence from Sates and operationalising effective action against terrorists who “o not respect any territorial boundaries.''

He called for coming out of the mindset under which “we continue to put limitation on our effectiveness due to certain mistaken notions.''

Seeking collaboration between the Sates, he asserted that terrorism posed a real danger which could shatter the cherished vision of prosperity and inclusive growth. “t is, therefore, necessary that all Sates should lend support to the creation of a powerful instrument to deal with this menace,'' Mr.Hooda added.

He reiterated that Haryana was fully prepared to “meet the challenges of internal security and ensure a peaceful environment for the people”.

He further said that the strategic importance of the State, which shared borders with Delhi, Himachal Pradesh, Punjab, Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh, had made it vulnerable to disruptive attempts by subversive elements besides inter-State gangs who indulged in trafficking of narcotics, gun-running and extortion crimes.

Stating that Haryana covered the national Capital on three sides and it was necessary to fully secure the territory surrounding Delhi to pre-empt any terrorist designs, he pleaded that the police force, security and intelligence systems of Haryana must be fully supported financially, technologically and in terms of human resources so that it could acquire same standards and capabilities as that of the Delhi Police.

  • Supports National Counter Terrorism Centre

  • Wants three more India Reserve Battalions