Haryana Chief Minister Bhupinder Singh Hooda said on Thursday that his regime has decided to increase the town density for optimum utilisation of land which needed to be judiciously utilised.

Inaugurating the National Town and Country Planners' Congress in Panchkula near here, he said that there could not be any urban development without the primary resource of land.

He said that due to the unprecedented urbanisation, the land in Haryana had come under tremendous pressure.

A balance

“Just as urbanisation and industrialisation are essential for the development of our economy, the interests of land owners and agriculture are equally important for us. We have to strike a balance. Accordingly, our land acquisition and R and R policy has been carefully conceived. We have taken care of the concerns of land owners so that they do not feel cheated while parting away with their land. This policy has been appreciated all over the country”, he added.

He suggested that planners could use land as a resource for financing the urban transport projects. This could also be done on Public Private Partnership (PPP) basis. Bus terminals, bus stops and metro stations could also be taken up on PPP mode. This would reduce the burden on public exchequer and bring in the best urban designs, space utilisation and private sector efficiencies in the system.

The transport and communication facilities between Delhi and Haryana's towns were being improved. Gurgaon had been already linked with the Delhi Metro and Faridabad would be linked soon. The project to link Bahadurgarh with the Delhi Metro was being pursued, he added.