A home guard with U.P. Police and his accomplice have been arrested on charges of trying to extort Rs.25 lakh as “protection money” from a financier at Krishna Nagar in East Delhi.

The police received a complaint from Sanjeev Rathore alleging that on July 2 he received a threat call from a Mumbai public telephone booth demanding Rs.20 lakh or else he would be killed. The next day he again received extortion calls from a Mumbai mobile number. The extortionist scaled up the amount to Rs.25 lakh.

A team led by Inspector Rohitash Kumar of the Special Staff was entrusted with the investigations. They studied the calls made from Mumbai and identified some Delhi numbers. The police zeroed in two suspects -- Furkan Ali and Shadab Ahmad Khan. The two were arrested on Wednesday.

During interrogation, Furkan allegedly disclosed that he worked as a home guard in U.P. To supplement his meagre salary, he worked as a bouncer for some businessmen. Till May he had worked as a bodyguard for Mr. Rathore and was in the know of huge monetary transactions undertaken by the financier. Furkan allegedly conspired with his friend Shadab to extort money from the businessman.

As planned, Shadab went to Mumbai on July 1 and Furkan kept him informed about the victim's movements. Shadab called up Mr. Rathore from a telephone booth. Identifying himself as an underworld goon, he threatened Rathore. He came back to Delhi on July 4 and made calls through a Mumbai mobile number.