Leader of Opposition in Uttarakhand Assembly Ajay Bhatt has filed a writ petition in the Uttarakhand High Court seeking cancellation of Agriculture Minister Harak Singh Rawat’s State Legislature membership alleging that he held offices of profit while he was a Minister.

“That Mr. Rawat was holding offices of profit has been proved by the Ordinance promulgated by the State, which declared five posts as non-profit positions with retrospective effect. Out of these three were held by Mr. Rawat,” Mr. Bhatt said.

Mr. Rawat resigned from the chairmanship of the Terai Seeds and Development Corporation recently and is expected to step down from other controversial posts in the near future.

“A crime was committed by the Minister and it cannot be legalised by the Ordinance. We have approached the High Court and will honour its judgment,” Mr. Bhatt said.

He expressed anguish over the government raising the price of rice and reducing the per person quota by half for above poverty line card holders.

“The people will not forget that the Congress government increased VAT on LPG cylinders and reduced tax on liquor. This is a devbhumi , where womenfolk have always opposed liquor and they will definitely oust the anti-people Congress during the upcoming Lok Sabha polls.”

Activists of the Bharatiya Janata Party and its youth wing shouting slogan at various places, including Dehra Dun and Pithoragarh, on Thursday and burnt effigies of the UPA Government, which was described as a government of scams, inflation and anti-poor policies.