The Delhi High Court disposed of about 83,000 cases over the past two years, spending on an average a little more than four minutes per case. Earlier, the time spent on disposal of a case on average was 5.21 minutes. During 2010-2012, it came down to 4.36 minutes. Yet, more than one lakh cases are pending disposal

This has led to reduction in pendency of cases by 5.14 per cent during the period. Besides the main cases, the Court also disposed of around 1.52 lakh miscellaneous pleas and received 1.59 lakh fresh miscellaneous pleas for consideration during the period. The High Court revealed all these figures in its biennial report for 2010-2012. Chief Justice Darmar Murugesan released the report in the Court premises on Thursday.

The report states that more than 78,000 new cases were filed during the review period. It adds that there has been, on an average, a reduction of more than a minute in the time spent on disposal of a case, which means a saving of Rs.15,000, as the Court incurs that expenditure per minute on hearing of cases.