Staff Reporter

NEW DELHI: The Delhi High Court has put its seal of approval on the marriage of yet another below-18 girl saying that it is for "her well-being".

A Division Bench of the Court comprising Justice Manmohan Sarin and Justice S. L. Bhayana pronounced the judgment on a habeas corpus petition filed by the girl's brother-in-law alleging that her father had confined her illegally and was not allowing her to meet her husband.

When the Bench asked the girl, Urmila, who she would like to stay with, she said she would be happy with her husband Ramprasad. She accused her father of threatening to kill her if she dared to live with her husband.

The Bench allowed her plea and disposed of the petition.

Urmila and Ramprasadhad eloped to Panipat in Haryana and got married at a temple there on February 12 this year. The girl had submitted that she was born on September 1, 1991, and the Court had accepted it. Another Bench of the Court had in February this year approved of the marriage of a below-18-years Muslim girl with a Hindu boy, ruling that "it is not an offence if a girl of that age elopes with her boyfriend and then marries him against the wishes of her parents."

"If a girl of around 17 years runs away from her parents' house to save herself from their onslaught and joins her lover or runs away with him, it is no offence either on the part of the girl or on the part of the boy," Justice S. N. Dhingra had said in his judgment.