Chief Election Commissioner S.Y. Quraishi on Wednesday termed “impractical” social activist Anna Hazare's suggestion of having a new law to recall legislators who failed to perform or take up people's cause.

Such a move would “destabilise” the entire system of the electoral management and the poll process, Mr. Quraishi told journalists while participating in a function here. “Right to recall in a big country like ours is impractical. It is not easy in a country where candidates are voted by lakhs of voters.”

If such a system of “right to recall” was allowed “elections will go on happening and the entire system will destabilise.” The emphasis should be rather on cleansing the election system, barring criminals from contesting elections and encouraging more and more people to come out and vote for the best candidates.

Mr. Quraishi was also not in favour of “right to reject candidates” in polls as it would be a “difficult task.”

Earlier, addressing the students at the convocation of the Indian Institute of Mass Communication, Mr. Quraishi advised media to put out objective and factual information as any wrong information could play havoc in public life, more so in the sensitive and charged arena of poll. “Please guard against omissions and commissions, because the losses cannot be recovered at many places. Sensation and speed are definitely not your ultimate goal. Truth is. Have your heart at the right place.”

He felt that the restriction on publication of advertisement and campaign material during the 48 hours period prior to the actual close of polling hours, presently applicable to the electronic media, should be extended to the print media too. He termed this exclusion an aberration as “it has been seen that even on the day of poll, several advertisements by the political parties and the candidates — sometimes, even containing false information — are published in newspapers giving the opponents no chance at all to counter or rebut.”