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Wife of slain cameraman Vikram Bisht is looking desperately for post of a peon to support her little children

NEW DELHI: There was a time when she had a comfortable and secure life as her husband took ample care of their needs. Five years after ANI news agency cameraman Vikram Bisht fell prey to terrorists' bullets during the Parliament attack, his wife is looking for someone to put in a word for her for the post of a peon.

"There has been no help from the Government. They only looked after his medical needs till the time he was in hospital. After that, no one has bothered to look back and see what has happened to us," says Sunita Bisht, a mother of two young children.

"I have applied for the post of a peon in a college at Paudi in my State Uttarakhand. But I haven't received any response from them. I know I need some pull to get this job. I am looking for someone who can push my case," she adds.Sunita's husband was critically injured while he was shooting the tense moments when Parliament was attacked by a group of militants on December 13, 2001.

The widows and other family members of the victims of the terrorist attack on Parliament had gathered here in the Capital on Tuesday to demand implementation of the death sentence awarded to Afzal Guru.

It is not just Sunita who rued over the "apathy" shown by the authorities over these years. Jaywati Devi and Munish Devi have their complaints regarding the licence and sites of petrol pumps allotted to them after the death of their husbands.

"We were given a licence for a petrol pump about four years ago but the problem started when the issue of allotting land for the same cropped up. They showed us five different locations in Noida but we rejected all of them since they were not viable for business," claimed Munish, wife of slain gardener Deshraj.

"Finally they asked us to settle for a site in Sector 105. The place is completely secluded and uninhabited. There is no residential area around it. There is forest all around. Who will come to our petrol pump?"

Jaywati, wife of Police head constable Vijender Singh who was killed in the attack, complained how the authorities did not provide her with any land for the petrol pump.