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Only 30 to 40 per cent work has been completed: Malhotra

‘More money might be invested to the benefit of the builders and others’

‘Number of committees appointed for the Games are overlapping each other’

NEW DELHI: Refuting the Delhi Government’s claim that all Commonwealth Games projects are running on schedule, General Association of National Sports Federations president Vijay Kumar Malhotra has charged that only 30 to 40 per cent work on the projects has been completed.

In a statement, Prof. Malhotra claimed that most projects are inordinately delayed.

“If the delay persists, then after some time under the garb of national prestige and honour the projects might be speeded up as the deadline for hosting the Games approaches. In the process more money might be invested to the benefit of the builders and others,” he charged.

Alleging that already the Delhi Development Authority had caved in under pressure from the builders’ lobby, Prof. Malhotra said the Authority had doled out a big package to complete the Games Village.

“Vested interests are having a gala time at the Government’s expense. More delay will mean more corruption. The inability of the Government to sell the flats in advance shows that the common man will have to bear the brunt of the costs of the Games,” said Prof. Malhotra, who is also the senior vice-president of the Indian Olympic Association.

Pointing out that a number of committees appointed for the Games were overlapping each other in terms of work and functions, Prof. Malhotra said this had led to endless chaos and confusion.

“In the corridors of power there are pulls and pushes to capture big posts and position in the Games set-up. These are international games allotted to the Indian Olympic Association. The responsibility of organising the games is that of the IOA and not the Government.”

Important role

Admitting that the Government had an important role to play so far as building infrastructure was concerned, Prof. Malhotra said this did not mean that the IOA should be asked to abdicate its responsibilities.