Synonymous with Emotional Atyachaar, small screen celebrity Pravesh Rana is all set to host another reality series Love Lock Up where couples get one last chance to reconcile their relationship before all is lost. In talk with Madhur Tankha….

He may not have emerged as the winner of last season of Bigg Boss but small screen celebrity Pravesh Rana has proved his detractors wrong by emerging successful as an anchor or rather a relationship expert.

Synonymous with Emotional Atyachaar, Pravesh is now all set to interact with couples who have reached the brink of a break-up in reality series Love Lock Up on UTV Bindass that airs from this Monday.

“I promise the new series is different from Emotional Atyachaar. It gives couples one last chance to reconcile their relationship before all is lost. It is ideal for couples who are interested in saving their relationship. The reality series will engage, entertain and entice viewers with its hard-hitting but real content,” he says.

The series has been conceptualised to help distressed couples to sort out their varied problems. “In fact, it gives them a second chance to save their relationship and get along with their lives. The 52-episode series will have 13 couples.”

Noting that a relationship is based on understanding, trust and love, the lanky host says the series will unravel what happens when love just vanishes from a long-lasting relationship and plenty of problems crop up. “It will also explore what happens when one of the couples wants to be in, while the other wants to call it quits? A vast majority either takes the escape route or the relationship culminates in a bitter end. Yet that is the one-more-try period that is so identifiable.”

Pointing out that young couples in a marriage, live in relationship or a serious committed relationship have approached the channel to fix their love life, Pravesh says: “So we have given them six days. We take them away from their home, work and all distractions. In the lock up they have no access to phones, television, Internet or shopping. What they do have is each other's company and a golden opportunity to discuss their problems.”

Interestingly, in the lock-up a therapist counsels them and gives them tasks that seem difficult given that they have been avoiding each other. “Viewers will watch them discuss issues that are universal. Their family and friends are watching in the next room. From doom and despair we try and get them to clear the air and resume their lives in a normal way.”

On his experience as an anchor, Pravesh says to connect with the participants he tries to become their “buddy” and make them open up. “I try my level-best to establish a bond with them. Connecting with them as a friend is my first priority. I don't know what exactly is going on in their lives. As a host, I empathise with them but don't sympathise because I am not in a relationship. My job is to make them relax and prepare them for watching footage that would raise their hackles.”

As a majority of the participants are camera conscious, their emotions either hit the roof or they control their feelings. When couples fight they neither talk nor even look at each other. In such a scenario, we are trying to bridge the communication gap. The relationship space adds a lot of flavour and value and is popular with women.

Stating that it is an honour to be anchoring for Love Lock Up after Emotional Atyachaar, Pravesh asserts that reality shows based on relationships seem to be gaining prominence as they reflect the truth.

“I took this new challenging assignment as it would also be interesting to help people get to know and understand the pros and cons of their relationship -- a bit like leaving the baggage and actually giving their loved ones a second chance. Love Lock Up is the ultimate option for couples going through a tough time and I would be the calming element who sensitises them of their doings.”

Though Pravesh has become a small screen idol for numerous fans, he is still not in a hurry to become a part of the big screen. He is yet to open his innings on the big screen. Nevertheless, he is optimistic that films will happen once a storyline that can give his career in the film industry a good launching pad comes his way.

“But I am eagerly waiting for the right script. Movie offers keep on coming but I have to be cautious in my decision. The ground reality is that one film after another is sinking without a trace at the box office. I am against the idea of acting in serials because I don't find any of them interesting.”

Pravesh holds Bollywood superstar Amitabh Bachchan in high esteem and considers him as his role model. In Bigg Boss-3 Pravesh got an opportunity to rub shoulders with the 68-year-old thespian (who hosted the show) after he got entry into the house through a wild card. “Bachchan sahib is savvy in whatever he does and that he has managed to look good despite his age is remarkable. He has shown what all can be achieved by hard work and perseverance. Even if I can achieve 50 per cent of what he has done, I will consider myself lucky.”

Though Pravesh's father continues to work as an inspector in the Uttar Pradesh police, the actor was never enamoured by the law enforcement agency. “My family members are also in the police force. But I never took police force or Armed Force, with due respect to these two services, seriously as a career. While pursuing my studies at Ramjas College in Delhi University I decided to try my luck in the glamour world,” said Pravesh, who has also worked at IBM as a quality supervisor.