Staff Reporter

Some houses have developed cracks

Work related to site clearing is still on

One side of the road remains closed

NEW DELHI: Four days after the accident at the metro site in Jamrudpur, work related to site clearing is still on. One side of the road remains out of bounds for vehicles and residents living in close proximity of the accident site continue to live in fear.

According to the officials of the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC), work related to site-clearing activities is on and more than one-third of the 72-metre-long metallic launching girder has been removed from the site.

“It has been cut into several pieces, each 15 metres long. The part of the launching girder resting on the concrete span was cut into a seven metre piece and removed,” said a DMRC spokesperson.

Even as the Corporation maintains that a 350 tonne crane and two 100 tonne cranes are being used to remove pieces of the damaged launching girder and debris and that the entire launching girder is expected to be removed from the site by Thursday, residents and commuters complained of inconvenience on account of traffic diversions and other restrictions. “There is no clear word on what will be the fate of our houses that have developed cracks because of the accident. We moved back in, but the fear still lingers. There has been almost no help from anyone,” said Om Prakash, a resident of Jamrudpur who was forced to stay out in the open along with several other families following the incident.

He went on to add: “The past few days have been traumatic for us. We’ve been living under the sky, with little water and food and the fear of the unknown.”

The residents, most of them living in one room tenements, were evacuated on Sunday by the police as a precautionary measure.

The work related to cutting of the fallen concrete girder, which was expected to start on Wednesday will now be taken up on Friday.