Sujay Mehdudia

NEW DELHI: The government has announced that the State-run oil firms will start supplying Euro-IV grade petrol and diesel in 13 big cities and Euro-III compliant petrol in rest of the country from April 1.

However, supply of the cleaner diesel to rest of the country may be delayed by three to six months.

“Euro-IV petrol and diesel will be supplied for sure in 13 designated cities that include Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata, Bangalore, Hyderabad and Ahmedabad from April 1,” Petroleum Secretary R.S. Pandey told journalists here.

As per fuel specifications committed to the Supreme Court, oil firms are to sell petrol and diesel meeting the stringent Euro-IV specifications in 13 major cities from April 1 while Euro-III grade fuel is to be supplied in rest of the country. However, Mr. Pandey said supply of Euro-III fuel may be delayed as some refineries may not be upgraded in time. Efforts are being made to ensure Euro-III petrol to be supplied in rest of the country and some deferment sought for beginning sale of diesel of the same grade.

Mr. Pandey said some of the refineries would continue to produce Euro-II grade fuel beyond April, which could not be exported due to inland location of the units. And so, it would be logistically difficult to manage three grades of fuel.

“Petroleum and Natural Gas Minister Murli Deora has called a review meeting this week to assess the situation and a clear picture would emerge after that,” he said.