Inaugurating the 8th e-Sub Registrar Office of e-Sub Registrar Office in Narela on Tuesday, Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit said it was a step towards making the lives of people comfortable by making the process of registration hassle and corruption free.

Ms. Dikshit said as of now a person who wants to register a document has to deal with a huge crowd, serpentine queues and lack of basic infrastructure like proper seating, drinking water and toilet facilities. “Even after going through this ordeal, he or she has to make several rounds of the Sub Registrar Office and wait endlessly before the document is registered and delivered. To put an end to this, the new system envisages a process in which each applicant arrives at the e-Sub Registrar Office with a pre-fixed appointment.”

“The appointment can be taken online by accessing the website of the Revenue Department. On reaching the e-Sub Registrar Office, the applicants will have access to the best infrastructure and amenities, which also figures in the special needs of the differently-abled. The registered documents will be delivered to them the very same day at the e-Sub Registrar Office and in case their documents are rejected or impounded, they will be informed in writing on the same day,” she added .