Bindu Shajan Perappadan

“Over the ban on sale, storage and use of plastic bags in the Capital”

“No court has issued any stay against the ban”

“Drive mentions benefits of use of plastic bags”

NEW DELHI: The State Environment Department has cautioned certain groups for carrying out a misinformation campaign over the ban on sale, storage and use of plastic bags in the Capital.

“It has come to our notice that certain groups have been propagating a misinformation campaign about the Delhi Government’s notification issued in compliance of a High Court’s order wherein sale, store and usage of plastic bags have been forbidden in the notified places which include local shopping centres and main markets. The case is coming up for hearing on March 19 in the High Court and no court has issued any stay against the notification dated January 7, 2009,” said a senior Environment Department official on Tuesday.

“Also, an FM radio campaign has been launched which is apparently mentioning the benefits of the use of plastic bags which is against the spirit of the High Court’s order,” he added.

According to the Department, the High Court after hearing all the contentions had passed directions that use of plastic bags shall be forbidden in the main markets and local shopping centres in Delhi. “We want to inform the citizens that the High Court order is in force and anybody who is violating it will be guilty of contempt of court and is liable to be punished as per the provisions of the section 15 of the Environment (Protection) Act, 1986,” warned the official.

The Department said the public, citizens and traders’ associations can read the full notification of the Delhi Government on the website at

The notification and alternate bags including jute, cloth and paper and their availability has also given wide publicity in the website.