Staff Reporter

Modelled on the Parliament House project

Control Room has 21 monitors, two camera controllers

110 cameras that can be monitored from five locations

NEW DELHI: Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit on Friday inaugurated a new integrated security system installed at the Delhi Secretariat modelled on the successful Parliament House security project.

The Chief Minister saw a demonstration of the system from the Central Control Room that has also become operational. The Control Room has 21 monitors, four large plasma displays and two camera controllers through which a continuous vigil is mounted over happenings around the Secretariat.

A total of 110 cameras have been installed as part of the system. All these cameras can be monitored and controlled from the Central Control Room and four other locations: Wireless Control Room at the tenth level; Duty Officer’s Cabin; Office of the ACP and the Office of Inspector.

The new security system, designed and installed by the Electronic Corporation of India, a Central Government enterprise under the Department of Atomic Energy, also provides for a two-way communication system along with a series of pre-recorded messages and alarms and voice announcements. To deal with any emergency situation effectively, the system provides for control of all gadgets installed along the periphery of the Secretariat building. As part of the security set-up, entry from the rear side perimeter towards the lake has also been secured through a non-lethal power fence. Also, all incoming material at the Secretariat is now being screened through indigenously built X-Ray baggage scanners.

A vehicle access control system is also being installed to ensure that only authorised vehicles get to enter the Secretariat building. The personnel access control system is also being modified and upgraded. An “Iris-based” personnel access control system will allow hands-free secure access. Anti-terrorist devices such as road blockers and hydraulic bollards are being installed to avoid a forced entry into the Secretariat.