J. Balaji

This will definitely happen in the near future: Ramadoss

NEW DELHI: Pattali Makkal Katchi (PMK) founder S. Ramadoss on Monday made it clear that formation of Tamil Eelam in Sri Lanka with the support of India was the only solution to the over five decade old conflict, which had claimed the lives of lakhs of Tamils.

“This will definitely happen in the near future and Tamil Eelam will come into existence,” he said.

He hoped that the UPA government would take efforts to bring about a ceasefire between the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) and the Sri Lankan defence forces and ensure that food and medicines were carried by international agencies to the affected Tamils well before the two-week ultimatum given by the Tamil Nadu political parties to the Centre to take action or face the resignation of MPs from the State.

When India could help the formation of Bangladesh from the then East Pakistan and allow Tibet government-in-exile in India, antagonising China, why should it not support an independent Tamil Eelam, Dr. Ramadoss asked.

This was the issue of “dignity, prestige and honour” of 6.25 crore Tamils in India and 52 lakh Tamils in Sri Lanka, he said while speaking to reporters here.

The PMK leader wondered why the Sri Lankan government, which had been stating that a political solution could be found for the ethnic issue, had not announced the details so far. He said LTTE was not a terrorist organisation but only a freedom movement. However he was not for the removal of ban on the LTTE in India at the moment. He was satisfied with the efforts taken by the Centre so far to stop military action there and protect the ethnic community and bring Sri Lanka to the negotiating table.

Dr. Ramadoss said the PMK MPs in both the Houses of Parliament, were ready to quit their posts on the issue and they would do so the moment Chief Minister and DMK president M. Karunanidhi took a decision in this regard. However, he made it clear that the coming together of PMK and DMK, which snapped ties a few months ago on the arrest of a senior PMK functionary under NSA, was limited to the Eelam issue.