“Payments have not been made due to a bureaucratic mess-up”

Thirteen university teaching assistants in the History Department of Delhi University have not received salaries since the past three months. These teaching assistants belong to three batches enrolled under the University Teaching Assistantship Scheme-2006.

According to the scheme, participants are allowed to work as teaching assistants for a maximum period of four years. The assistantship is renewed annually based on the recommendations of the Departmental Research Committee after a performance review. University teaching assistants are paid a stipend of Rs.30,000 per month.

Those aspiring to be university teaching assistants are also required to register themselves as Ph.D. candidates as the scheme has been introduced for encouraging Doctoral research.

According to a university source, 13 History Department university teaching assistants have not received their payments for the months of October, November and December 2010. These teaching assistants are enrolled in different years under the scheme and their duties include a maximum of six hours of teaching activity per week and providing other academic assistance.

‘More work'

However, the university teaching assistants usually put in well over six hours of teaching activity on a weekly basis and have also been asked to correct papers of subjects which they have not taught.

The review of performance has reportedly been completed but the payment of stipends is yet to be renewed and disbursed.

The affected teachers are in the dark regarding why their stipends have been withheld. A pending meeting of the scholarship committee has been cited as a reason for non-payment of dues. There are also complaints that the batch of teaching assistants which enrolled with the Department in 2010 has not even started receiving their payments.

Authorities when contacted said the matter has been sorted out and the cheques should be issued within a week, while the payments had not been made due to a “bureaucratic mess-up.”