Cut-offs at Delhi University might go higher than ever before with the university receiving a record number of applications for its 54,000 seats on offer.

It received 2,74,381 applications by 5 p.m. on the last day of admissions. It is a significant increase from last year’s 2,49,661 and the 1,35,000 applications received in 2012.

Last year, several colleges were forced to over-admit students as their cut-offs were met by more than what they had anticipated.

Some colleges also closed their admission gates before time, an illegality that the university had promised to keep in check this year.

“At least initially, we will keep our cut-offs very high to avoid over-admissions and then we will reduce it bit by bit,” said a principal from one of the most-sought-after colleges on the North Campus.

“We will be analysing the data of students and presenting our opinion on how many students will be applying for each college, along with our usual data on the number of applications per course. This way, the colleges can have a realistic overview of how many students to expect. They can keep this data in mind while they are releasing cut-offs,” said media co-ordinator Malay Neerav, while explaining the new admission policies that have been introduced this year .