For improving the vote percentage of youth in the age group of 18 to 22 years, the office of the Chief Electoral Officer in Delhi has undertaken a drive to enrol all 18 year and older students.

Delhi CEO Rina Ray said on Thursday that the Form 6 for preparation of voter identity cards are being distributed to students in schools and colleges who have turned 18 but have still not registered.

Addressing a press conference along with Director General of Election Commission Akshaya Raut at Delhi Secretariat, Ms. Rai said there are a total of 108,000 students in the 18-plus bracket in Delhi's schools. In all, she said, the drive intends to target 2.2 lakh youngsters.

The official said the principals of the schools and colleges have been given the responsibility of helping in the registration drive. Noting that it was found that across the country, few youth in the 18 to 22 age group actually voted, the officials said the drive is an attempt to correct this trend.

For the purpose of the exercise, the office of the CEO is approaching the youth in three categories. The first comprises those studying in schools and colleges, while the others comprise those coming in from other States and those who have changed their addresses.

Ms. Ray also stated that with the coming up of another four to five voter registration centres in the next five to six months, all the Assembly segments in the Capital city would have one such centre of their own for the convenience of the residents.