Rahul Soni was arrested on Wednesday night

The Ghaziabad Police claim to have worked out the multiple murders there with the arrest of domestic help Rahul Soni, who the police said, allegedly murdered seven members of a family on the night of May 21.

All seven members of Satish Chandra Goel’s family, including the patriarch himself, were killed with a sharp edged weapon.

Rahul (22) was arrested at Bajaria locality under Kotwali police station area in Ghaziabad late on Wednesday night. According to State Additional Director General (Law and Order) Arun Kumar, the accused confessed to his involvement in the gory crime.

“We are looking into the possibility of the crime being committed by more than one person,” Mr. Kumar told journalists. He said Rahul will be taken into police custody for further interrogation.

On the motive, Mr. Kumar said Rahul had been accused of stealing about Rs.4.50 lakh a few days ago. He admitted to having committed the theft, but said the amount was less.

“He had been planning the murders since then. He did not enter the house from the main door,” Mr. Kumar stated.

According to the police, Rahul bought a rope from a shopping mall near the Goel household and used it to climb onto the roof of one house in the Nai Basti locality. He then jumped on the roof of another house before descending on the terrace of the Goel house at around 7.30 p.m.

Asked why Rahul was not spotted while climbing the houses, Mr. Kumar replied: “Maybe he was hidden due to the dark”.

Mr. Kumar said Rahul then lit a cigarette as he waited for an opportune moment to strike. Rahul then entered the house from the balcony and stabbed Manju and Rekha first. When Goel’s son Sachin rushed into the room upon hearing the shrieks, he too was stabbed and his throat slit. Rahul then killed the three children, and finally Goel. “He fled after taking the jewellery,” Mr. Kumar said.

The knife, the stolen jewellery, bloodstained clothes, the rope, a ring with an “S” embossed on it and a cigarette butt were recovered by the Ghaziabad Police, he added.

Footprints and the shoes of the accused have been sent for forensic investigation.

  • Rahul was accused of stealing Rs.4.50 lakh a few days ago and was planning the murders since

  • Used rope to scale a nearby house to land on roof of Goel's house; entered house from balcony