A partially paralysed man has been sentenced to five years in jail by a Delhi court for attempting to rape an intellectually and physically challenged minor girl.

Additional Sessions Judge Kamini Lau sentenced the 35-year-old man for “digitally raping” and molesting a 14-year-old girl, who lived in his neighbourhood after confining her in his room.

The court noted that only the right side of the convict’s body was paralysed. “No doubt the convict is physically handicapped but I may observe that the victim herself is physically deformed and mentally much behind her age,” the court said, while also imposing a fine of Rs.10,000 on him.

The incident took place in Haiderpur in North-West Delhi in February this year, when the victim was alone at home with her siblings and her mother had gone for work.

The prosecution said that the convict called the girl on the pretext of doing some cleaning work and started misbehaving with her after bolting the door.

The police alleged that he molested the minor while trying to rape her and that her brother rushed to help her after hearing her cries. He informed their mother who called the police and the convict was arrested.

The convict sought leniency on the ground of being physically disabled, but the court said medical and forensic evidence and the oral testimony of the victim showed that the attempted to rape was made but he could not succeed owing to the girl’s resistance.