The Delhi Electricity Regulatory Commission will soon hold a public hearing to help arrive at the renewable power obligation that the discoms will have to adhere to. As per the rules, the discoms have to procure a specific amount of energy from renewable sources to meet the consumer demand.

“We will soon have a public hearing on the issue and after we review the comments and suggestions from discoms and the consumers both, we will decide the percentage of green power that the companies will have to procure,” said a DERC official.

Once implemented, discoms BRPL, BYPL and TPDDL will have to adhere to the renewable power obligation (RPO) starting with the tariff announcement for financial year 2012-13.

Discoms will have the option to either procure the RPO percentage from outside sources or generate it themselves.

“Currently Delhi is one of the few States that does not have RPO and given the stress on green power and curbing the carbon footprint, it is time for the discoms to do their bit for the environment,” said the official.