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Irrational inflated bill alleged

NEW DELHI: In a strongly worded letter to Delhi Power Minister Haroon Yusuf, People's Action has demanded an enquiry into the death of a BSES consumer, Hari Chand, allegedly due to "untold mental agony'' caused by an "irrational inflated bill'' served on him and harassment by the police on the instructions of the security officers of BSES.

In the letter, a copy of which has been released to the media here, People's Action general secretary Col. D.K. Shandilya accused Mr. Yusuf of allowing this sector to become "the worse nightmare of reforms''.

He termed the decision of the Delhi Cabinet to summon NDPL and BSES CEOs as a classic smokescreen strategy to cover up the shocking incident where a consumer was driven to commit suicide due to the draconian stranglehold that discoms have on power consumers in the city.

Sardar Singh, the brother of the deceased, has stated that he took the extreme step due to the mental agony caused by an irrationally inflated bill and acute harassment by the police at the behest of the BSES enforcement teams.