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They did not frame guidelines for appointment of Registrar

They should file affidavits by October 31

Wrangling over authority to appoint Registrar

NEW DELHI: The Delhi High Court on Wednesday issued notices to Union Health Minister and president of the All-India Institute of Medical Sciences Anbumani Ramadoss and AIIMS Director P. Venugopal on a contempt petition filed by a doctor accusing them of not framing guidelines for appointment of the Registrar.

Justice Gita Mittal directed the two to file affidavits by October 31.

Petitioner Manoj Kumar said the court had directed in March this year that the guidelines be framed within six weeks but the AIIMS administration chose to make do with an ad hoc Registrar.

The court issued the direction on Dr. Manoj’s petition that in the absence of rules and guidelines an ad hoc Registrar continued to occupy the post. He approached the court following the continuing wrangling between Dr. Ramadoss and Prof. Venugopal, both claiming the authority to appoint the Registrar.

Meanwhile, two resident doctors of the Institute approached the High Court earlier in the day, alleging that Dr. Ramadoss had refused to sign their degrees despite the court’s direction on Monday.

However, the issue was settled amicably when counsel for the Minister Mukta Gupta assured Justice Ravinder Bhat that he (Ramadoss) would sign the degrees sent to him. She said the petitioners’ degrees were forwarded to him late.

Any student could approach the Minister and he would sign the degree.