Special Correspondent

NEW DELHI: Former Delhi MLA Vijay Jolly has accused the Delhi Government of betraying and humiliating poor slum dwellers by formulating a scheme to hide slum clusters with bamboo screens during the upcoming Commonwealth Games-2010.

“This is a temporary and cosmetic beautification exercise which is ill-conceived as it would do no good to the slum dwellers but would only unnecessarily take the focus away from the Games by increasing the inquisitiveness of foreign visitors about the slums in Delhi,” he said demanding immediate withdrawal of the scheme.

Stating that it would have been better if the money had been spent on providing better basic facilities like water and power and amenities in the slums, Mr. Jolly said removing sewerage problems and corruption in the public distribution system was the need of the hour for most of slum dwellers.

Main roads

As per the government plan, large bamboo partitions would be erected along the Capital’s main roads near major drains and slum clusters to make the city more presentable during the Commonwealth Games.