The Delhi Government on Saturday sent to the Union Home Ministry a detailed reply, running into over 1,000 pages, on the recommendations and allegations levelled against it by the Prime Minister-appointed High Level Committee, chaired by V.K. Shunglu, that had probed the delays, corruption and irregularities in the preparations for the Commonwealth Games.

Delhi Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit confirmed that the Government has sent its reply to the Ministry. “We have sent our response on the Shunglu Committee report to the Home Ministry,” she said.

The Shunglu Committee, constituted by Dr. Manmohan Singh in October 2010, had in March this year put on its website its second and third reports on City Infrastructure for the Commonwealth Games. It had stated that there was a ‘method in the madness' related to the delays and that the “cost of delay” was nearly Rs.900 crore. Moreover, the Committee had also noted that Rs.254 crore in ‘undue gains' were provided to contractors.

It had indicted Ms. Dikshit and Lieutenant-Governor Tejendra Khanna besides others.

In its response, the Delhi Government had put out a strongly-worded response on its website alleging that the report was based on “assumptions” and “presumptions” and the public functionaries and officials named in it were not even accorded an opportunity to explain themselves. It had also stated that the panel findings were “a product of paranoia”.

Later, the Chief Minister had also sent a letter to the Prime Minister giving a brief account of the Delhi Government's position on the issues that had been raised. Ms. Dikshit later also declared that the Government's initial response was only a “synopsis” and a detailed paragraph-wise response would also be given.

Then after the Prime Minister directed the Union Home Ministry to seek the response of Delhi Government and other concerned agencies on the Shunglu Committee findings, Ms. Dikshit constituted a committee of senior IAS officials to draft the response. The final draft of the response was approved by the Delhi Cabinet on May 25.

The Government is learnt to have described as rubbish the allegations levelled against it and defended its actions pertaining to the manner in which the contractors were selected, works were allocated, timelines were followed and payments were made through the point-by-point rebuttal.

  • Shunglu Committee had indicted Delhi L-G, Chief Minister

  • ‘Delhi has described as rubbish the allegations levelled against it'